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Monday, October 4, 2010

Chalabi... Again

Oct 4th, 2010

Ahmed Chalabi is news again. Discussing the run up to our Invasion of Iraq in 2003:

From Global Security Newswire:
"The weapons of mass destruction was to our view a marginal issue."

As Max Fisher notes in the Atlantic, "His many critics accuse him of misleading the U.S. into war by providing intelligence that Saddam Hussein's Iraq aided al-Qaeda and possessed weapons of mass destruction, both central rationales for the invasion for which evidence has never materialized." 

I go further than Max. These weren't "central" rationales. They were the only rationales. There were no other issues that could have garnered widespread American public support for the war. This not an arguable point. The deeply corrupt Chalabi was a darling of far right groups groups like the American Enterprise Institute, as evidenced in this defense.

Examples of his impacts are here, here and here

If the allegations that he was working for the Iranians all along are true, that may point to the the real triumph of our Iraq invasion and occupation: We are crippled strategically and our economy is in collapse. One has to admit that that's a success... for the Iranians.

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