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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Republicans Endorsing Assault, part 2

Oct 26th, 2010

Notoriously inflammatory birther, Jim Hoft has responded to the assault by Rand supporters on a lone woman liberal activist with gems like these:

He has analysis like this:
"Look for the state-run media to make her into some kind of saint by the end of the day."

Hoft believes in the positive use of fear:
"Let’s hope Code Pink was watching."

Even better, are some of the comments he has allowed considering his history of deleting angry liberal posts:

There is total apologia for violence:
"I see no other way to tell these crazies that they aren’t wanted. They aren’t reasonable so they cannot be handled reasonably. "

There's some random anti-gay hate:
"This is likely the same lesbo fascist who tackled the Pope during christmass mass"

My personal favorite:
"How do we know this isn’t an elaborate scheme?"

So. Be clear. If you disapprove of thuggishly reactionary behavior in political campaigns, you must be part of the secret-Muslim-commie-fascist scheme. Real Americans love violence against people who disagree with them.

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