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Friday, October 8, 2010

Good Night... with Bill Hicks

Oct 8th, 2010

It has been one helluva day. We continued to slam the real enemy of growth and Kevin Drum put it even more bluntly. FOX gave us fodder... again. Rachel Maddow did a round-up of the latest super-nutty-crazy-talk. Bill Kristol's very unethical essay pissed us off. We read a whole lot and encouraged you to do so as well. We called out bad tactics on the left and noted that wrong is always wrong. Everyone needs to see this delightful Christine O'Donnell parody.

We were honored to publish our first column by a great thinker. This writer only wish to be known as "PM" at this juncture because they are trying to launch their own blog. It is quite good.

Ray LaHood brought the unrealistic idealism. Joe Miller brought the total horseshit. Immoral Minority brought the delightfully glib... and true. We posted some Bill Hicks at Olbermann's request and we are not apologizing. Lastly, we got our quote of the day from the always wonderful Maddow.

These are truly crazy times. But, like Bill Hicks once said, "It's all gonna work out."

We're gonna leave you with Mr. Hicks take on "Gays in the Military." It's brilliant. It's also 19 years old. Let's get our shit together.

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