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Monday, October 4, 2010

Securing the "I Got Mine" Vote

Oct 4th, 2010

Kentucky Senatorial combatants Rand Paul and Jack Conway squared off with FOXNews Chris Wallace yesterday. There were some tough questions from Wallace on how to limit spending. Conway's proposals were realistic and focused including giving Medicare the power to bulk purchase meds in much the way the VA does to reduce costs dramatically.

Paul 's cynical response appealed to both the fear and the greed of the retired electorate. As older voters turn out so reliably, candidates like Paul are coding the message that they don't have anything to worry about... the right just plans to screw their children.

from HuffPo:
"Paul said he wouldn't change Medicare or Social Security at all for anyone who is currently receiving benefits from the programs. When Wallace asked whether he would support raising the retirement age, Paul replied, "There may have to be for younger people, yes." He also said there would also likely be higher deductibles and premiums for younger workers."

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