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Monday, October 4, 2010

Joe Miller - Yesterday's Candidate Today!

Oct. 4th, 2010

From Tea Party candidate Joe Miller of Alaska's interview with ABC:

"So there should not be a federal minimum wage?"

"There should not be," 

Miller answered. "That is not within the scope of the powers that are given to the federal government."

Miller stood by his previous statement that federal unemployment insurance is also not authorized by the Constitution and that the decision on whether or not to provide unemployment benefits should be up to the states, as should virtually all federal regulations that don't relate to interstate commerce."

Miller has the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and all of it's amendments over the years in his sights. To read this document and find it somehow untoward, is to pine for a definition of America that embraces the exploitation of children, unsafe workplaces, no overtime compensation, the reestablishment of "factory towns" and myriad other abuses that we, as a people, long ago did away with.

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