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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Proof Of Our Decline

Oct 26th, 2010

F. Grey Parker

As they are already counting their boobys before they are hatched, the giddy Republicans must have spent the past month thinking of all the things they have planned to lead our nation in this time of crisis. Right?

Nah. I was kidding. They are admitting they have nothing. Mitch McConnell actually says so.

In an interview with Major Garrett for the National Journal, McConnell is quoted as saying:

"The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." 

That's it. Nothing else.

They've moved on to who to beat B. Hussein Obama with. In the past 2 weeks, the movement to back N.J. Governor Chris Christie as the 2012  Republican Presidential contender has gained considerable currency.

They're nuts.

The fawning over Christie has me fuming. I just want to grab one of his supporters in the Republican establishment and demand of them, "Really?! He's the best you can do?!"

Romney will say anything, They know it. Gingrich is a low-life. They know this as well. Sarah Palin is a Barack Obama second term in heels. Man, do they ever know this even if they won't say it. But, Christie?

His administration bungled the receipt of 400 million dollars in Federal education funds. His first response? He accused the feds of a failure at their level only to be almost immediately proved wrong with archived video of a government conference call. Did he then tone it down? Did he withdraw his loaded charge? Not so much. Instead, he threw a loyal political operative under the bus.

This is not leadership.

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