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Monday, November 8, 2010

Aww. Don't Cry... Cry "FRAUD!"

Nov 8th, 2010

"We’re trying to find enough stuff we can use to make it plausible."

So says Ed Martin in an interview with The Daily Caller

Ed Martin is a Missouri Repuplican and darling of The Tea Party who did not achieve ballot victory last week. Having lost by 4,418 votes, he did not precisely concede like a gentlemen. He is alleging fraud. He doesn't accept that it was the actual will of the people. 

As reported by St. Louis' Channel 5:

"One major concern voiced by Martin is the high number of votes from seven city precincts."

The only difference between these precincts and the others where it was an almost even split? The color of the residents.

Dave Weigel nails it over at Slate.

"What's the evidence for this? There isn't any. There is nothing that suggests that the late counts from St. Louis weren't in line with every other late count from St. Louis. There are no local Republicans backing him up; they won a lot of races in the state while he was losing, and the vote patterns don't point to anything unusual in a district that's voted Democratic since the 1940s. But when you spend six years informing your base that urban Democrats are untiring agents of voter fraud, that's a hard lesson to unteach."

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