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Saturday, November 20, 2010

KY Tea Party: No On Rate Hikes! Yes On... Cancer?!?

Nov 20th, 2010

The Northern Kentucky Water District needs to raise it's rates 25% in order to comply with EPA regulations designed to combat bladder, colon and stomach cancers. Leftover by-products from their current water reclamation systems are directly linked to such illnesses. This request for a rate hike has come under heavy fire from The NKYTea Party. Always a target of the American Right and the conservative NIMBY crowds, the EPA is increasingly demonized by the TPers.

From the NKYTP website:
"Remember: the EPA reports to no one and can do as they please. To try and stop their mandates, Geoff Davis and Jim DeMint have submitted a bill, called the "Reins Act" if it is passed it would require "Congressional Approval" for all its regulatory actions."

Their position on the proposed rate increase has been to recommend that the Federal Regulations simply be ignored. This adds to the argument that what the Tea Party really represents is the romanticization of lawlessness.

"The water district and fiscal court in particular have told Tea Party officials it would not be prudent to ignore federal law. Water district officials have noted that if they were to ignore the federal requirements, that could cost the district $25,000 per day in fines, it could land water-district leadership in prison, and ratepayers would have to pay legal fees to fight a legal battle they likely would lose in court against the federal government."

The costs of these cancers are in excess of 1 billion dollars a year in America. Beyond the mere financial toll, these are three of the most preventable cancers in the world; provided, amongst other factors, that your water is non-contaminated.

All of this is just too much for the TP set. After all, this "regulatory overreach" would cost each customer a staggering additional $4 per month.

More to come...

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