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Saturday, November 6, 2010

"FOX News = Republican Fundraiser"

Nov 6th, 2010
UPDATE 9:11pm 11/07/2010: Olbermann returning to Countdown. 

Some in the media have actually argued that the Olbermann affair proves FOXNews to be more ethical than MSNBC. No, really. Over at Mediaite, Steve Krakauer writes:

"Whether Olbermann told his bosses about the donation before it happened will be key, but regardless, this act should evaporate any final appearance of objectivity by the MSNBC host. Gabriel Sherman, who recently wrote a massive cable news profile, said this on Twitter: “Roger Ailes wouldn’t tolerate Fox talent giving $$ to candidates like @KeithOlbermann. In April, Ailes puled Hannity from tea party event." 

There is another point of view:

"FOXNews... Republican Fundraiser.    FOXNews... Republican Fundraiser...    That's what they do." 

So says Rachel Maddow. Laying it out flat, Maddow shows how there is no equivalence between MSNBC and The Murdoch Device.

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