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Saturday, November 20, 2010

From Me To Gov. Jan Brewer

Nov 20th, 2010
From F. Grey Parker, administrator of The Hand. This post is mine and mine alone. It should not reflect on either our mission or that of any of our contributors.

Yeah. I said it. You bet I did.
In the wake of the Arizona Death Panel revelations, I would like to take a moment to simply cry out, "fuck you, Jan Brewer. Fuck you running."

I cannot think of anything else that I have found to be this appalling in the past year. As an informed American, that is saying something. The ethical lapse on the part of your Government is so arch as to be almost incomprehensible.

To tell someone they are going to get their life-saving organ transplant and then deny the procedure after that fact is as close to pure evil as anything I have ever seen.

Some of these victims were told many, many months ago that they were covered. They were promised by the powers-that-be that they were secure in at least getting their chance at life. Apparently, that promise was some serious bullshit.

These human beings have had their precious time wasted. Think what they could have done with that time had they known just how heartless Republican dominated government can be.

They could have been trying to raise the money for their operations in the all-hallowed "private sector." They could have tried to get on the charity-driven lists. They could have spent the time trying to creatively draw attention to their plight and their needs. Hell, they could've had a fucking bake sale to try and raise some money.

Or, they could have simply spent their time differently with the people they love and those that love them back.

But they were told not to worry. They were promised that it would be okay. Isn't the great meme of modern Republicanism an alleged better understanding of "tradition" and "values" and "responsibility?"

My father always told me, "your word is your bond." It is one thing to fail your word and simply be a liar. It is another still for the failure of your word to kill other human beings.

I hope that at least some of these unfortunate souls are given another chance. I hope that they find some other solution. And, at the very least, I hope that their solace is something other than the certainty that you, Gov. Jan Brewer, have an eternity in Hell to look forward to.

Contact Gov. Jan Brewer HERE.

Or call her directly -- (602) 542-4331
Donate to NTAF HERE -- transplant fundraising assistance and advocacy group.

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  1. I'll bet that Brewer and her ilk sleep well and go to church. Watching these people govern is like re-reading "The Devil and Tom Walker."