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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Will Cain: Olbermann Suspension "Absurd"

Nov 7th, 2010
UPDATE 9:11pm 11/07/2010: Olbermann returning to Countdown. 

Sign the petition to reinstate Keith.

A very entertaining exchage between Eliot Spitzer and The National Review's Will Cain, in spite of a stupid remark by Spitzer assuming equivalence between MSNBC and The Murdoch Device.

Spitzer: Is this the right decision? Should those rules apply to a journalist like Keith Olbermann on a cable network, on a show like Countdown?

Cain: I think, as a conservative, you almost expect me to say "it's about time." But this is absurd. No one was under any perception that Keith was an impartial journalist. That's the key word in their (MSNBC's) statement; impartial.

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