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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Obama Speaks - Live Blog

Nov 3rd, 2010

1:02 pm central time
All told, the President's press conference hit the best possible combination of marks for both business and the electorate. It is already being described as overly self-analytical. I call bullshit. It was smart. It was cool under fire. It struck the appropriate tone of taking stock and taking responsibility. There were also repeated calls for real bipartisanship while reminding the legislative branch that he is the President.

We should all be glad he has the job instead of us. Like Andrew Sullivan has said, "He is the only adult in the room."

12:58 pm central time
Obama cites the '82 and '94 Presidential responses to midterm distress. So far so good. Further addressing the appearance of disconnect: "I am not recommending that future President's take a shellacking like I did last night... getting out of here (Washington) is good." He is employing what might be described as "positive bully pulpit" tactics.

12:54 pm central time
Obama is asked about the perception he is out of touch with the electorate's "pain."
He stresses his middle class upbringing and the risk of seeming "removed" from the voters once you get to Washington. "Those letters I read every night... some of them break my heart... but no one is filming me reading these letters."

12:51 pm central time
"The most important thing we can do is boost our business sector and make sure that they are hiring." He frames his upcoming Asian tour as a "mission to open those markets further." Interesting. This is a very corporate performance. I still say Obama is essentially the progressive Reagan.

12:48 pm central time
He says a flat out "YES" when questioned whether he thinks his policies are NOT to blame for the lack of job growth. Good. "What other proposals do they (Republicans) have to grow the economy... what affirmative policies do they suggest? I don't think tax cuts alone will be the recipe for the growth that we need."

12:43 pm central time
on DADT.
"if somebody is willing to serve... putting their lives on the line for our security... they should not be prevented from doing so." He cites the overwhelming poll data in favor.

I think he better not count on these Republicans to help in any way despite of all their "will of the people" bullshit.

12:41 pm central time
On the EPA regulating carbon emissions.
"it's important for us not to ignore the science" but to find ways to adapt without injuring the economy. Well, duh.

On "not doing enough to change the way things work."
He describes navigating through the legislative process in this partisan environment as "an ugly mess" and says "yes" he didn't do enough to change the process itself.

12:36 pm central time
"The toughest thing over the next couple of days is seeing really great public servants no longer have the opportunity to serve."
"Unemployment is the right thing to do for the economy as a whole"
I couldn't agree more.

12:32 pm central time
"We were able to increase over the last 2 years fuel standards for cars and trucks... we didn't need legislation... just cooperation of" our manufacturers. Smart move: highlighting his executive role.

12:29 pm central time
"What is true is that without republican support on anything, it will be hard to get things done." "When it comes to the proposal to accelerate depreciation for business" he challenges Reps to oppose it.

12:26 pm central time
Chris Reid asks "Do you expect that any type of stimulus to create jobs" is DOA?
Obama says "what are our priorities?" "I don't think we should be cutting back on research and development." He cites previous bi-partisan support for substantial infrastructure projects. He cites areas in China and Singapore where their tech seriously has outpaced our own. Appealing to AMerican exceptionalism. Smart.

12:22 pm central time
On healthcare reform.
He defends it smartly. "If the Republicans have ideas for how to improve our health care system... I am happy to consider some of those ideas."
He has acknowledged the potential onerousness of the 1099 provision to small businesses.
"Should we go back to a situation where people with pre-existing conditions can't get policy coverage?"

12:18 pm central time
On the "rejection" of his agenda.
"Voters are not satisfied with the outcomes. If right now we had 5% unemployment... people would have more faith in these policy choices."

Too bad he can't say how infantile we are for expecting him to fix 30 years of bad policy in 21 months.

12:16  pm central time
"We were in such a hurry to get things done that we didn't change how things got done and that frustrated people."

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