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Monday, November 22, 2010

Quote Of The Day 2

Nov 22nd, 2010

J.F.K.  5/29/17 to 11/22/63
"I know not, gentlemen, what you intend,
Who else must be let blood, who else is rank:
If I myself, there is no hour so fit
As Caesar's death hour, nor no instrument
Of half that worth as those your swords, made rich
With the most noble blood of all this world."

-- William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar Act III, Scene I


  1. "All the rest of the conspirators acted out of jealousy...Only he acted from honesty and for the general good. His life was gentle, and the elements mixed so well in him that Nature might stand up and say to all the world, “This was a man.”

    The American military if full of Brutuses, and the country is full of unwitting slaves to their false enemies, might and immoral causes.

  2. Indeed. for years I have thought of Julius Caesar when considering the likely Kennedy conspirators. I have been known to say of the JFK killers, "What the hell? Didn't they ever read the damn play? Killing the single decent and dynamic leader in a time of upheaval NEVER works out well."