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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rank Hubris

Nov 16th, 2010

In one of the more unbelievable marriages of both Republican disconnect and pure hubris, an interesting thing happened during the orientation process for incoming GOP congressmen. Meet Andy Harris, new Representative from Maryland. Mr. Harris is a physician who railed against Obamacare and, like so many others, made it's repeal a core talking point in his campaign. He often appeared in interviews wearing his traditional white doctor's robe. It occurs to me that pancake makeup for the cameras is not strictly consistent with medical sterility, but I digress.

His first concern in the meeting was how soon he can get his new government administered and taxpayer funded health care.

From TPM:

"According to Glenn Thrush of Politico, Harris created a stir at the orientation meeting by demanding to know why he had to wait a month after he was sworn in in January for his government-subsidized health care to kick in. After responding in a huff, he even asked if there was some way he could buy into the government care in advance, seemingly thinking there might be a government program similar to the so-called 'public option' championed by progressive Democrats in 2009."
You can contact Mr. Harris here. We recommend that everyone does so.

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