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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Mr Boehner

Nov 18th, 2010
The Hand is pleased to welcome a new contributor.

by Nicole Zimmerer
So, Mr. John Boehner, you and your comrades are going to convene a special investigation in order to debunk global warming.

There are millions of people without basic life sustaining items like food and shelter, who are dying because they are without health care, who are unable to get a good job because they haven't been properly educated, who are elderly and have to choose between paying for food or their medication and yet 

you are going to waste my tax dollars on proving global warming wrong? 

Why not just embrace the opportunities that alternative energy resources will bring to America and its people? Must you tear down new ideas that could possibly improve life in this country. Ideas such as subsidized health care? You receive subsidized health care - your salary, health care, your children's education, your family's meals are all subsidized by my taxes and the taxes imposed on those who can least afford it. 

Why should a family that makes less than $50,000.00 a year pay a higher percentage in taxes than a person that makes $500,000.00? 10% of five million dollars is a hell of a lot more than 10% of $50,000.00. In case you can't count that high - 10% of fifty thousand dollars is $5,000.00 while 10% of five million dollars is $500,000. 

That amount of money could pay for a dozen kids to go to college for a year. 

It could pay for a year of food and diapers for a hundred families living at or below the poverty level. 

Or it could pay your salary and benefits for two years. And sustain your "lifestyle." 

You say government is too big and needs to be cut to a bare minimum and yet you are going to spend precious federal monies on proving global warming is wrong? You say Government shouldn't tell us how to live and yet you want to waste precious judicial time and energies prosecuting homosexuality and a woman's right to choose? You say government is wrong to enact and enforce gun control laws but you still want to imprison our citizens for personal consumption of marijuana? 

So, basically you want government to control and punish anyone that doesn't believe exactly what you believe. You want government to be BIG and POWERFUL when it serves your needs, such as bailing out your wealthy corporate cronies who are suffering because of policies that you enacted in the first place? And you are trying to tell me that America is the Land of The Free, Home of the Brave? 

You are wrong, your policies are wrong and your tactics are downright dispicable. YOU want to be free but you want me to be imprisoned for my beliefs. 

You are cowardly if you cannot live in a world where many different opinions and beliefs exist. 

You are cowardly because you are scared of anyone and anything that is different than you.

You are cowardly because you must blame everyone else for your mistakes rather than take any responsibility for yours. 

Primarily, you are cowardly because you are terrified that someone might find out that you are a coward. 

Are you really so insecure that you must tell others how to live and what to do because your campaign contributors threaten to stop funding you if you do not? 

You are scared because you are afraid of being voted out of office. If you don't work in the best interests of your constituency, rather than in your own favored special interests, then you should be fired. 

I am a red white and blue blooded American. I was born, raised and taught about "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." I was taught the value of hard work as well as compassion. I learned the meaning of honesty and responsibility. 

 I only wish that you, Mr. Boehner had any interest in these same core values.


  1. Hear, hear! Let's forward this letter to John Boehner's office!

  2. Whether you agree or disagree with the politics of any individual, my wish for all who serve in our country's government: Freedom to stand for what you believe in and safety to pursue it. In light of the recent events in Arizona, please always remember, there are some real mentally unstable individuals out there that are willing to do anything to get what they feel is rightfully theirs, regardless of how many innocent people are effected. Sometimes "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" tosses "hard work, compassion, honesty and responsibility" right out of the window. Let's all play fair and be respectful of others.